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Who’s who in St Bedes CVA Careers

Ms V Taylor is the designated Careers Leader for St Bedes CVA. Students benefit from having a dedicated member of staff on site to conduct 1.2.1’s, group sessions, delivery of careers curriculum and support parents/carers with their child’s future.


Headteacher: Mr R Hibbard


Careers Leader: Ms V Taylor

Contact Information: [email protected]

                                01724 245151


Deputy Headteacher: Ms L Busk, Ms J Barlow, Ms A Karlsberg, Mr D Fields


Senior Leadership link to careers: Mrs K Glynn


Governor linked to Careers: Mrs J Kelly


PSHCE lead: Ms V Taylor  


SENCO: Mr P Wade


Heads of Year: Mr M Chapman (Year 9), Mrs H Sharland-Collins (Year 7),  Mr C Yates (Year 8), Mr B Waite (Year 11), Mr Toyne (Year 10)


Evaluation of Year Plan: Our year plan is revised on an annual basis and we use feedback from all stakeholders to inform this review. There will be an opportunity for students, parents and staff to participate in an evaluation survey during the summer term. Review due 18/07/2021.




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Year Plan

apprenticeships champion

At St Bede’s we aim to give students

•Access to impartial advice and guidance at appropriate points

•Interactions with a range of education and training providers to promote all routes

•Encounters with employers and workplaces to enable our students to develop the required skills for the world of work

•The opportunity to explore careers and to know how to adjust and changes as situations arise


Ms Taylor coordinates the Careers programme at St Bede's Catholic Voluntary Academy. Our programme encompasses classroom learning, individual advice and guidance, assemblies and trips and visits to ensure students receive a well-rounded Careers curriculum. The school holds the Humber Gold Standard (QICs) and Ms Taylor hold a level 6 Careers Advice qualification, as well as having registration with the Careers Development Institute. We are active members of the North Lincolnshire Careers Network and also the Humber Hub for Careers.


Students in Year 11 will see Ms Taylor 1:2:1 but students in younger years will have opportunities to book appointments at appropriate times. Students can also be referred in by the Heads of Year, and can self-refer should they wish to receive further guidance.


Parents are welcome to contact Ms Taylor directly regarding any queries, but will receive information regularly via the Parent Bulletin and letters home regarding any careers related activity. Ms Taylor is available at most Consultation Evenings to book appointments with.


We welcome contact from Employers, as we are continually looking to expand our links with industry. Opportunities include assemblies, delivery in our PSHCE curriculum, Reflection days and trips to the workplace. If you are an employer and would like to discuss how you can work collaboratively with St Bede’s, please contact Ms Taylor on [email protected]


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