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St Bede’s follows the national pattern of being divided into the key stages of three and four. Key Stage Three is spread across years 7 and 8 and represents a transition from year 6 in the primary and the establishment of a solid base of preparation for the externally assessed courses of Key Stage Four. Year 9 is treated as a transition year moving from KS3 to KS4 and, while students are now taught in their options groups, this year is about consolidating appropriate knowledge from KS3 and beginning the transition into KS4 course content, knowledge, skill and understanding. KS4 course content will only begin to be taught when departmental staff are confident that KS3 knowledge is secure.


In year 7 students are organised into 5 academic ability sets for English, Maths and Science. Timetable considerations allow for Maths to be set independently but the setting for English and Science classes is based upon prior attainment in both subjects. All other courses are taught in mixed ability groups.


In years 8 students continue to be in sets for English, Maths and Science and two parallel populations are formed for MFL, Art, Technology and PE each of which covers the full ability range. All remaining subjects are taught in mixed ability House groups.


In years 9, 10 and 11 students are taught in groups based upon their option choices made in year 8. For English, Maths, Science, RS and Humanities students are organised into 2 bands based upon their overall academic ability. Within each band, classes are organised into academic sets.  All other subjects are based upon the student uptake for each subject and are taught in mixed ability option groups.


PSHCE is organised into a rolling programme, involving 1 hour per week over 2 terms being dedicated to this subject area.  All students participate in the PSHCE programme in school.


All students are offered the chance to make option choices that would fulfil the conditions for the English Baccalaureate (9 to 5 grades in English, Maths, Science, Humanities and MFL).  St Bede's encourage all students of the appropriate academic ability to choose options that enable them to access the English Baccalaureate.   For more information on the English Baccalaureate please visit the government website by clicking here.

Curriculum Intent


At St Bede’s the intention of the curriculum is to:


1. Ensure that all students, in all subjects receive an enriching curriculum that reflects the person of Christ and the message the Church receives from Him.  

2. Provide students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities required to leave The Academy with a broad range of quality qualifications which, for the majority, should include the EBacc.

3. Provide all students a rich curriculum through Key Stage 3, so that even if they do not continue studying the subject in Key Stage 4, they have secured knowledge and skills that prepares them for future life.

4. Provide opportunities both in and out of school to develop every child so that they can fully participate in enrichment activities, feel safe and are able to contribute positively to society and their future careers.

5. Provide challenge and support for vulnerable students through high expectations and, where necessary, bespoke support.